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Fine Art Photography - Morning Sun Shining Through The Fog
Smokey Sunset behind Sunflowers
Fall Barn in the Spokane Country
Morning Ride


I am a big fan of a lot of different types of art. The kind of art that moves me is the kind that is created on purpose for a purpose and it has meaning. Sometimes the medium used is a camera and other times it is some kind of paint. This site is my exploration of these kinds of expression.

Right now I have two galleries. You are welcome to check them both out.

For me it all starts with a photo. I have loved photography ever since I can remember. Even before I picked up a camera I used to read through photography books. My dad gave me one when I was very little. I used to go through that book like it was a comic book. I kept it for over 30 years.

From there the next step is editing. Sometimes I don’t  want to edit the photo and other times I have fun trying different things with them.

Painting with Photoshop

Turning a photo that you like into another style of art is really fun. The piece takes on a whole new life when other techniques are applied.