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Christian. Photographer. American.

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I am a 54 year old photographer/online school teacher from Nine Mile Falls, WA. My life has been centered around two main things for just about as long as I can remember; my faith and photography. I do other things on the side, but those are the two main things.

My faith:

I grew up in a Christian household. At least that is what I would call it. We went to church often and I know my dad was center on his faith. At the age of seven I asked Jesus to come into my life. I understand that a child can only understand a little bit about what it means to be a Christian at that age, but I do believe it is better to start out children that way then it is to not have them growing in the faith early on. As I grew older I found myself looking for churches that spoke the truth, and followed that truth without fear. I searched for 30 some years while living in Seattle and couldn’t find one. Luckily I found a church that followed biblical teaching without any shame when I moved to Idaho. I spent 6 to 8 years at that church and then had to move again. So I was stuck looking for a good church once again. At about that time two things happened that changed my faith forever. One is that my wife was listening to a wonderful pastor every night and it motivated me to do the same and two once when I was struggling I was out praying and I start to ask God for a sign. In the middle of that thought I asked myself, from God’s perspective, what have you done for me lately? Why should God show me anything considering the fact that I haven’t done diddly for Him? That started me on the path of finding a really good pastor to listen to and learn from. I ended up finding John Macarthur. I used to listen to him when I was in my teens, but now it was different. He really educates on the Word of God. Many churches seem to be built on the idea that God is a concert. I wanted to learn more about the Word and God. I wasn’t interested in going to a show, or listening to a motivational speaker. I listen to John Macarthur every night. And even better than that, I am reading the Word as much if not more than I am listening to Mr. MacArthur.

My Photography:

My interest in photography started in high school. Maybe a little before that. I was always interested in art and drawing, so I guess it makes sense that photography was an interest as well. I would have stuck with photography but at the time it was too expensive.

Later on in life I found myself able to buy a digital camera. I bought one so that I could build a website using my own photos. A few friends saw my photos and suggested I take it more seriously. So, I ended up buying a digital SLR. I kept taking photos and one day a friend saw my work and suggested I come to work with him. He was a sound guy on movie sets in Spokane. I joined him and loved it. They loved my work too. They hired me for several more movies. Thanks to that job I was able to meet and work with Chuck Norris, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Samuel L Jackson, just to name a few. I would still be working on the set to this day if they hadn’t of stopped making movies in Spokane. Cuba Gooding Jr., said I should move to LA, but I couldn’t see raising my family there.

Now I take photos because my walk with God is inspiring to me. I find myself taking photos of things that inspire me. 😊

Chuck Norris and Timothy Eberly
Peter Greene and Timothy Eberly