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The window to God's creation is my camera.

I was sitting in the backyard, praying for this nations healing, and thought to myself,  “I have been shooting photos for awhile now, perhaps it is time to start giving back to the people, if they need this sort of thing.”  I want to make my photography available to those that would like to use images like these on their blogs, or church websites. If you have a church site or a blog that could use these images depicting the finer things our country has to offer, that’s awesome.

When I was younger, I am 53 now, I used to see these amazing posters for sale in the Christian book store. They had awesome images combined with a relevant verse or two. I have not seen images like that for years, so I thought perhaps I can do that. So I started making some posters with inspirational quotes on them from the bible. The bible is the perfect choice since it is the inspired Word of God! 

I am just one man in the midst of thousands of large companies selling their images online. (I am actually an online school teacher currently.) How can I compete with that? I am hoping that I never have to really. I just want the world to know these images are available if they are indeed helpful in anyway. To do that I am relying on God and His people sharing this site with others. If they are useful please let others know. 

Thank you so much!
Hands flipping through the bible
Free bible images

I am a 54 year old photographer/online school teacher from Nine Mile Falls, WA. My life has been centered around two main things for just about as long as I can remember; my faith and photography. I do other things on the side, but those are the two main things.

My faith:

I grew up in a Christian household. At least that is what I would call it. We went to church often and I know my dad was center on his faith. At the age of seven I asked Jesus to come into my life. I understand that a child can only understand a little bit about what it means to be a Christian at that age, but I do believe it is better to start out children that way then it is to not have them growing in the faith early on. As I grew older I found myself looking for churches that spoke the truth, and followed that truth without fear. I searched for 30 some years while living in Seattle and couldn’t find one. Luckily I found a church that followed biblical teaching without any shame when I moved to Idaho. I spent 6 to 8 years at that church and then had to move again. So I was stuck looking for a good church once again. At about that time two things happened that changed my faith forever. One is that my wife was listening to a wonderful pastor every night and it motivated me to do the same and two once when I was struggling I was out praying and I start to ask God for a sign. In the middle of that thought I asked myself, from God’s perspective, what have you done for me lately? Why should God show me anything considering the fact that I haven’t done diddly for Him? That started me on the path of finding a really good pastor to listen to and learn from. I ended up finding John Macarthur. I used to listen to him when I was in my teens, but now it was different. He really educates on the Word of God. Many churches seem to be built on the idea that God is a concert. I wanted to learn more about the Word and God. I wasn’t interested in going to a show, or listening to a motivational speaker. I listen to John Macarthur every night. And even better than that, I am reading the Word as much if not more than I am listening to Mr. MacArthur.

My Photography:

My interest in photography started in high school. Maybe a little before that. I was always interested in art and drawing, so I guess it makes sense that photography was an interest as well. I would have stuck with photography but at the time it was too expensive.

Later on in life I found myself able to buy a digital camera. I bought one so that I could build a website using my own photos. A few friends saw my photos and suggested I take it more seriously. So, I ended up buying a digital SLR. I kept taking photos and one day a friend saw my work and suggested I come to work with him. He was a sound guy on movie sets in Spokane. I joined him and loved it. They loved my work too. They hired me for several more movies. Thanks to that job I was able to meet and work with Chuck Norris, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Samuel L Jackson, just to name a few. I would still be working on the set to this day if they hadn’t of stopped making movies in Spokane. Cuba Gooding Jr., said I should move to LA, but I couldn’t see raising my family there.

Now I take photos because my walk with God is inspiring to me. I find myself taking photos of things that inspire me. 😊