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Jesus Shouted

On the last day, the climax of the festival, Jesus stood and shouted to the crowds, “Anyone who is thirsty may come to me! – John 7:37

We got the family together last night and drove into Spokane to see a movie. It was not a nice experience. usually it is, but this time it wasn’t. People are not coming out to do things because of Covid and the restrictions going along with it. We had 3 people in our theatre for a new Marvel movie. It should have been close to full. They were short-staffed, as is every business in the area, and the staff that was there was rude. They dissed my wife for being out of breath (She 8 months pregnant and the baby is making it hard for her to breathe). They angrily snapped at me for making a joke about masks. It was tense, and ridiculous. And mainly, unnecessary. 

How does any of this relate to Jesus shouting? Glad you asked. 

You don’t have to live like this. Jesus shouted to get their attention, and yours: ANYONE WHO IS THIRSTY MAY COME TO ME!!! 

Stop walking in darkness and get connected to Jesus. Take your drink of life. Have life more abundantly! Just go and do it. He is waiting for you. He is calling out to you. Just run to Him and get plugged into the light and life! Plug yourself into the creator. The master of it all. 

Just go and do it. 


Timothy Eberly

Photography is not only a passion of mine, it is a mission. I strive to capture the images that move me the most. Images that glorify the creator God. As a result, the subjects of my photos vary from time to time. I hope that the photos you see here help you in some way. I know they help me daily. God bless.