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Lake Coeur d'Alene in all types of weather and conditions

lake Coeur d'Alene

Lake Coeur d’Alene is ever-changing. The lake is a beautiful place and full of exciting things to do. Extravagant forests, picturesque views, and adventure are in every direction. The lake season never ends.

I often use the lake for my quiet time. When you need to get away and refocus, the lake offers a wide range of places in which one can just sit and reflect.

The lake is seasonal for visitors. But for those that live here, the lake is a year-round life force. Just because there are fewer people visiting in the winter doesn’t mean that lake stops being a part of the community. In the winter nature photographers from all over the globe come here to photograph the bald eagle migration. Other wildlife photographers enjoy the winter scenes as well.

Some of us really like Christmas, and the lake is a great place to celebrate Christmas too. The town lights up for Christmas. You will want to check out the resort and all the lights up and down Sherman Ave. Not far from downtown one can view picture-perfect Christmas cards in real life.

I have decided that I will take photos of the lake all year. You might think the photos will end up looking a lot alike, but around here, I doubt that to be the case. The photos I end up with will probably be added to one of the next calendars I put together. If you love the lake like I do, or just want to share the beauty with your friends, check out the calendars and other print options.



Timothy Eberly

Photography is not only a passion of mine, it is a mission. I strive to capture the images that move me the most. Images that glorify the creator God. As a result, the subjects of my photos vary from time to time. I hope that the photos you see here help you in some way. I know they help me daily. God bless.