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Mom signing marriage papers

Why my mom left

A lot of reasons, for why my mom left my dad when she did, have been floated around.

  1. She was having an affair.
  2. She was using my dad so she could go to college.
  3. It had something to do with her being an orphan.
  4. She was hurt by something he said when he was angry.

All of these could be possible. There may even be a bit of truth in some of it. But, the real reason; the core reason is that she no longer wanted to do what God wanted her to do.

She wanted to do what she wanted. So much so that she left all the good things that brought her out of her previous life. The life she so desperately wanted to escape. Before she met the Lord she was doing what she wanted to do and not doing what God wanted her to do. She didn’t know any better. The lord, through my dad, brought her out of that mess.

But at some point, she drifted. She kept drifting until one day she made the decision to do her own thing. She no longer wanted what God wanted. She wanted what she wanted.


Sin got in the way of having a relationship with her husband and her family. She wanted it bad enough that God gave her over to her own desires.

“Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done.”

Romans 1:28

We all know what happened. She turned to iChing and other mystical religions. She started smoking again. She had improper relationships with men and then she turned to lesbianism. She turned to the Word of Faith movement. But it was all hopeless. None of that saves.

So in a nutshell, that is why she left.


Timothy Eberly

Photography is not only a passion of mine, it is a mission. I strive to capture the images that move me the most. Images that glorify the creator God. As a result, the subjects of my photos vary from time to time. I hope that the photos you see here help you in some way. I know they help me daily. God bless.