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Our emotions are not trustworthy. They are especially misleading when we try to rely on them for evidence. I think this is one of the reasons why people worry about their salvation. They say they don’t feel saved. But no where in the bible does it say you will always “feel” saved. The problem is that too many people tend to put the emotion before the reason the emotion exists. If you are looking to emotion for evidence of your faith you are looking in the wrong direction.

Stay in a relationship long enough and you will see how misleading emotion truly is. If someone asks you if they look good in a certain outfit, your answer may make them feel like you don’t care about them when in fact you do.

I was asked about a pair of shoes once, and I thought the person asking me was joking around. I said the shoes make them look like they are from the circus. It sounded funny to me; and it was, until I found out the person asking me was not joking at all. Now, based on how we felt at the moment, do we care for each other? Emotions change all the time. Facts don’t. The facts of the situation can change how someone feels. But how a person feels doesn’t change the facts.

Consider this extreme example: Do you feel like the earth is spinning at upwards of 1000 miles an hour? Do your feelings change whether you are moving or not? Nope. The earth is going to continue doing what it does regardless of how you feel about it.

Emotions are an effect not a cause.

boy thinking while looking over the view from the mountain

I am writing this is because I have heard people claim they know they are saved because of how they feel, or felt. Further more, some think they are no longer saved because they have lost that mountain top high they used to have. How you feel is not a reliable proof of salvation.

My son would often make a mistake and feel like he didn’t deserve God’s love, or our love. His feelings deceived him.

If you are going to a church because it feels more like a spiritual church be careful that you are not putting emotion ahead of facts. Is the church focus on how you feel or what they teach?

I have seen “churches” where the pastor comes in acting drunk saying he is drunk in the spirit. I have seen others shaking all over and others swaying in a trance-like state. The music they play is often used to stir up emotions.

Do you think the original church had to resort to this kind of behavior in order to convert followers to Christ?

Jesus didn’t come so that people would be able to do miracles. He didn’t come so that the poor could become rich.

If you want to go to church so that you can “feel” closer to God by way of riches and miracles, you are searching for something that is of this world and not of God.

Riches in God is heavenly reward. Crowns of reward in heaven. It has nothing to do with being made wealthy here on earth. It also has nothing to do with making you feel like you are more spiritual.

Facts of salvation need to come first

The first thing one needs to understand when it comes to salvation is that you are a sinner. And as a sinner what does that mean? That means you are destined for God’s wrath. Hell. Second is that God has sent His Son to restore you back to Him by His death on the cross. If you repent, or turn from your sins, look back to God and believe that Jesus died for your sins you are saved.

Being saved from certain death results in profound joy. Church from that state of joy is amazing. Church made to make you feel like you have joy when you don’t is deceiving.

Everyone that wishes to be truly saved needs to first understand what it means to be a sinner.

Once you understand that and call out on the Lord Jesus Christ you will experience joy that is truly fulfilling.