North Idaho Photography :: Coeur d'Alene | Post Falls

Improve your photography

In these lessons and tutorials, we’ll walk you through how to improve your photography no matter what type of photography you like best: landscapes, portraits, close-ups or anything else! And we’ll get to do this in person. 


Camera 101


Greetings and welcome to what I call intro to your camera. In this class we will talk about the basics of photography. We go over your camera settings and discuss basic shooting techniques. We will also discuss what makes a good photograph and some of the mistakes to avoid.
The types of photography we will talk about include:

  • Portraits
  • Landscapes
  • Events
  • Night Photography
  • Flowers


Landscape 101


I love shooting landscape photos, and I'm sure you do too. But sometimes it can be hard to find a good location, or know how to set up your camera for the best shot.

That's why I'm offering personal lessons on how to shoot landscape photos—so that you can take better pictures!

I'll walk you through all the basics of getting started: from choosing your location, to setting up your camera, to shooting in low light conditions (because let's face it—landscape photos are often taken in low light).

You'll also get access to my favorite tips for making sure your shot looks as amazing as possible once it's taken.


Discovery Call


Want to discuss your photo project? You can schedule time with me and we can talk about what you are looking for.