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Evergreen Parking

The neon sign shines bright, Guiding weary travelers in, To the city garage’s heart.

Amidst the hustle and the bustle, The noise and the commotion, The garage stands tall and true, A beacon of hope and motion.

The sign, a pulsing light, A guiding star above, Leading us through the night, To a place of warmth and love.

Where engines roar and gears grind, And grease and oil stains the floor, The garage is a place of toil, But also so much more.

For here, we find salvation, For our cars and our worries, And as the neon sign blinks on, We know that we’ll find hurry.

So come, weary traveler, And let the neon guide you in, To the city garage’s heart, Where the work is hard but true.

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