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The birth of the social distancing T-shirt design

Social Distancing

I was sitting at my desk working on some designs while at the same time stewing over the election and how bad social media has gotten with their censorship and cancel culture. It really makes me mad. I started thinking about Fakebook (I can’t even bring myself to using their actual name) and how bad things have gotten with them. I began to sum it all up. What benefit does Fakebook have for my life? 

In the beginning they were touted as a marketing necessity. Everyone that runs a business MUST be on Fakebook. This is what I was told and this is what I told everyone else. But did it actually work for me? Not really. 

I posted content for years with hardly anything coming of it. I tried year after year to improve what I was doing figuring the problem was on my end. (Some of it was, but not all of it). 

Then Trump was elected. 

Things started to really go down hill at that point. Rather suddenly people I knew all my life were calling me racist for being a conservative. I am still shocked by that. What the heck does being a conservative have to do with hating another race? 

For the next three years I heard how racist the President was simply because the media said so. Nothing he said was actually racist and in fact he did more for the minorities than any President before him, but I digress. 

Social Distancing Design

Eventually, fakebook began to censor people’s free speech. I am very, very against that sort of thing. The left and the right need to have a free voice on a platform like Fakebook. 

But instead of being more and more open, Fakebook shut more and more down. When they got to the point of shutting down the President of the United States and censoring an article by a MAJOR news outlet, I knew it was over. Fakebook has taken sides. They are not on the side of freedom. They are on the side of Tyranny. 

Their censorship of the President, and Covid information combined with seeing the turnout at Trump rallies, it is obvious to see that something is up when it comes to the election. 

Fakebook said they were going to censor early reporting on who won the election and yet they started pushing their agenda of who won before a winner has been declared. The news media DOES NOT decide elections. 

Fakebook has it out to destroy the country I live in. That is my conclusion. So I must leave their platform.

At first I was a little worried about losing connection with people. But then I started to think it through. Who do I really communicate with on Fakebook? It seems the main reason to be on Fakebook is to spy on others; to watch what happens in their lives. None of my “friends” are really friends anyway. I never call them. I don’t speak with them outside of the Fakebook platform. 

So after 12 years, what does Fakebook have to show for being in my life? Nothing. No one cares what I post, and I don’t care about 99 percent of what is being posted either. Especially since they started censoring everyone. 

I think the main reason I would go on fakebook was to get the news.  And since they are censoring news, what is the point anymore? 

So I knew I had to leave. 

Then it hit me. I was social distancing from social media. HA! At that point the shirt design just seemed obvious. Oh, so very obvious. Covid-19 and social media.

Together I am social distancing. Are you? 

Oh, and the reason I say I am social distancing rather than not being social at all is because companies like Parler took a stand and allow free speech on their platform.  So now I am on Parler. 

I would love to hear what you have to think about this whole thing. Please feel free to comment. 

God bless. 

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