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West Coast Educational Services, Inc. is requesting to be informed of all changes that you have been contracted to complete and projects that are incomplete, with the exception of the testimonial ‘s. Please provide a detailed list of these items by end of day June 30, 2023,

Well, that is kind of a problem isn’t it? Because no matter how many times I have requested some clarity on this issue you have provide me with nothing. No contract was ever agreed upon. No agreement per amount of work and for what in return. THe best list you are going to get is to go through your emails and texts.  


We have asked multiple times that our proprietary intellectual business property be sent to us. You have indicated to us that you have it stored in folders titled Media and Assets. We are asking that these folders along with any and all other information that was created and/or developed for West Coast Educational Services, Inc. be sent to us or access shared by end of day June 30, 2023. Please inform us of how we will receive these files.

When did you ask for this specifically? Why are you asking for it when you already have it? 


Clarification of future projects and the completion of current tasked items will be charted out for the next 30 days with a Memorandum of Understanding.

CLint, you do not get to renegotiate our agreement without involving me.


Soon after this email was sent my email account was deleted and I was locked out o f the website. 

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